Wrex the Dawg™ Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) – Your Furry Friend Without The Fur Unveiled

Robots require a lot of working parts to come together and that means a lot can get thrown off as well.  When you are dealing with a complex artificial intelligence robotic pet such as Wrex the Dawg™ there can be plenty of instances you find yourself perplexed in and we understand that.  While we have made Wrex the Dawg™ as simple to use as possible due to the advance nature of AI we know that many questions will pop along the journey with your pet robot.  Our animal robots are meant to be fun and enjoyable which why we take every measure to assure your robotic dog experience is a positive one.  Part of that mission we realize requires top level customer service and top tier technology which is why we make every effort to provide both of those product standards at every step of the way.  Lets take a look at a few of the more common questions we get about Wrex the Dawg™ to help those looking to  get started with a robotic pet.

Wrex the Dawg™ Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #1: What Happens If My Robot Dog Breaks?

If at anytime your Wrex the Dawg™ breaks or malfunctions we will either fix it or replace it up to three years after purchase.  We will also be responsible for all postage and handling charges to assure your replacement or refurbished robot comes at no cost to you.  We also offer free software updates and upgrades on the website to all Wrex the Dawg™ owners so do check back with us often to see what the latest available improvements are.

Wrex the Dawg™ Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #2: Does The Robot Dog Come With A Warranty?

Every Wrex the Dawg™ comes with a three year full replacement warranty.  We guarantee your robot to be up and running for three years and we will cover any broken parts or replacement the entire robot system within that time frame.  Also we recommend checking with your Every Wrex the Dawg™ authorized dealers as they may offer and extended warranty allowing you to cover your robot dog from damage for even longer periods of time.

Wrex the Dawg™ Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #3: What Is The Best Way To Learn About Software Updates and New Products?

The easiest way to keep up with all things Wrex the Dawg™ related is by signing up for the email newsletter.  If you have already purchased a dog and filled out the warranty then we have automatically  added you to the list as well.  Of course following us on social media and checking back to the website are also great ways to stay updated as well.  If there is any better way we can assist you then please do let us know.