Artificial Intelligence and Robots – Making More Sense Of The Mechanical Future

Being in the business of building robots we are constantly keeping our eye on not only the present day industry but future trends as well. Still hit or miss depending on individual preferences robots are gradually winning the populations and work forces over as a whole. Meant for convenience, efficiency,productivity and even enjoyment robots most likely should not take the bad rap they are occasionally given by those who fear them. As is the case with our robotic dog Wrex there truly is nothing to fear and the more we understand and utilize artificial intelligence and robotics the better off we will be as a human race as a whole as many trends are starting to show. Robotics and artificial intelligence truly can have a positive impact on almost every aspect of our lives so there really is no reason we should not be embracing them when appropriate and safe. Lets take a look at some the ClickSoftware infographic top trends and statistics when it comes to the current state of artificial intelligence and robotics to get a better idea of just how much Robots mean to the world of today and to the world of tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence and Robot Fun Fact Number One: There Are Over 1 Working Robots In The World

What many of us do not know is our worlds are already filled with robots.  If it was not for robots a lot of the conveniences and products we enjoy in our everyday lives simply could not exist.  Robots are making our lives better at this very moment and we think it is something to celebrate and get excited about.  Who does not want a better life?  Robots can help get us there and we already have over 1 million on our side to so!

Artificial Intelligence and Robot Fun Fact Number Two: 87% of iPhone Users Summon Virtual Robot Assistant Siri At Least Once A Month

Often times many of us are using robots and artificial intelligence and we do not even realize it.  The iPhone virtual assistant Siri and others like Microsoft’s Android version Cortana are great examples of this.  Although highly used its rare for most to refer to them as robots.  Seen as just another smartphone app to get us through the day in fact they highly intelligent robots learning and adapting to our every whim.  So the the next time you call up on a service like a Siri or a Catana stop for just a moment to thank all the robot believers out there.  Robots can make the world a better place and there are plenty of people proven this theory right now in the real world.

Artificial Intelligence and Robot Fun Fact Number Three: “Hoya Robot” South Korea’s Hoya Robot Can Enter Burning Buildings, Withstanding Temperatures Up To 320F. It Transmits Image, Sound, Temperature, Smoke and Gas Data To Firefighters Up To 54 Yards Away

Here is a case where robots are actually used to save lives.  Robots can do amazing and saving actual human lives is one of them and the “Hoya Robot” is living proof of that.  Robots can be designed with super human strengths in mind giving them advantages that people simply can not conjure.  What a lot of these types of facts show us is that robots and AI are an important part of our a future so lets all work together to get the maximum value we can out of all this wonderful new technology.