Always wanted a pet but never wanted to deal with the constant feeding, cleaning up and health maintenance?  Sure owning an animal can be extremely rewarding and establish  great emotional connections for their owners but they also come with a lot responsibility that many of us do not have the time, money or  patience for.  What if you could own a dog and a best friend without all the hassle that comes along with taking care of a live pet?  Well you are in luck as Wrex the Dawg™ is a robotic companion that mimics all the real life characteristics of having your own animal without all the stress and mess.  Based on artificial intelligence, robotics and real animal instincts and movement owners of Wrex the Dawg™ will truly feel like they have a loyal and  loving companion.  With the ability to play catch, fetch items and show affection this is one robotic dog that brings you as close as possible to owing the real thing.  We want to give customers the joy of owning a pet without all the headaches that come along with it and that is exactly what Wrex the Dawg™ the robotic animal does.  We promise you  owning a pet will never be the same again.

“Your Robot Best Friend”