3 Exercises To Do With Your Robotic Dog – A Workout Friend For Life

In the business of creating robotic animals and more specifically dogs we are are always on the look out for not only current ways to maximize our products but potential future uses as well.  A unique industry just now reaching the consumer population in mass robots are slowly winning making there way into the world for practical use.  Designed for convenience, efficiency, productivity and even fun robots are enhancing our lives at a rapid rate and should be embraced rather then questioned.  Using our robotic dog Wrex as an example there truly is nothing to worry about and the more we study and take advantage of artificial intelligence and robots the better off we will be as new technologies transform and unfold.  Robotics and artificial intelligence are having a positive influence on almost every aspect of our lives and fitness, working out and exercise is just one category of many.  If you are searching for a way to have a robot improve the quality of your life and health motivation and encouragement to exercise can certainly be one way to do just that.  If you are looking for a break from the standard workout routines like the CIZE then a robotic or even live dog can be a perfect alternative.  Lets take a look at some the workouts possible with a robotic dog comes to get a better idea of just how much Robots and artificial intelligence mean to the planet of today and to the earth of tomorrow.

Fitness Routine To Try With Your Dog Number One: Play Fetch or Frisbee

Our robotic dog is capable of a lot of things and playing fetch is one of them.  You can throw objects such as a ball or a Frisbee and it will happily go retrieve it.  Playing fetch is the perfect way to get the body moving and the heart rate up while having a great time.  Even if you would prefer to do it with a live dog its a great way to add a little extra exercise in your life.

Fitness Routine To Try With Your Dog Number Two: Go On A Walk, Run or Hike

Many of us know just how hard it is to stay motivated to work out and many days you will want to go the gym or perform an at home workout routine like the CIZE program but simply skip it.  When you have a lovable companion that needs your attention it is much harder to say no to going out and getting some fresh air and exercise and this is an area where a robotic or live dog can really help out.  Dogs need at the very least walks and make the perfect reason to go on a walk, hike or run and stay active outdoors.

Fitness Routine To Try With Your Dog Number Three: Jumping and Dancing

A new feature of our robotic dog is the option to have it jump and dance on command.  If you are used to adding dance into your workout routines like the ones seen at the following CIZE reviews then a robotic or live dog can be a nice change of pace to your usual fitness regimes.  Jumping and dancing are a great way to exercise a variety of muscles and having a dog is just another reason to do so.  Do you think having a pet is a good way to stay motivated and keep to a regular workout schedule.